check out this buildings with glass floors

wow.what a nice piece of architectural work. i think its cool guys

what  do you think ?



Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_11                 Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_02


Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_09                Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_05



Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_15                      Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_07



Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_10                                Top_17_Glass_Floor_Ideas_For_Ultra_Modern_Homes_on_world_of_architecture_03




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