justin bieber’s new Beverly hills mansion


Bieber just moved into the 5 bedroom, 6 bath crib that has a couple of things we know he loves — sweeping city views and graffiti art.

JB’s still just renting … the 6,000 sq-ft pad was listed at $35,000 per month! It’s a major bargain over the $60K/month he was paying for the glass palace, near Bev Hills, that he moved into in December.

justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-011-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-012-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-014-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-016-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-018-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-0111-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-0114-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-017-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-013-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-019-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-012-480w (1) justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-015-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-0112-480w justin-bieber-new-house-0226-photos-0115-480w0226-justin-bieber-bev-hills-home-launch-3


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