Inside Donald and Melania Trump’s Manhattan Apartment Mansion



here is a look inside Donald  trumps  Manhattan Penthouse. Located at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, the  president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts

lives the top three floors of this grand penthouse with breathtaking views of Central Park and is decorated in 24K gold and marble, was designed by Angelo Donghia in Louis XIV style.

Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_5 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_1 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_2  Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_6 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_4 (2) Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_8 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_10  Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_9 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_3

source -idesignArch


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