check out $9 Million Miami House leBron James lived


LeBron James has LeGone back home to Cleveland or Ohio, or flyover country or wherever, but that means one (and only one) thing: HIS HOUSE IS PROBABLY AVAILABLE! s 10,000 square feet of somewhat bland but inoffensive luxury. The house has a wine cellar, infinity pool, and a dock that can accommodate two 60 foot yachts. LeBron picked it up back in 2010 for $9 million but it could be worth more than that now.



the-view-from-the-front and-the-yacht-dock cool-view-from-the-tub bar-area a-nook master-bathroom-again master-bathroom-from-another-angle cool-view-from-the-tub terrace-overlooking-the-bay one-of-the-bathrooms the-kitchen the-kitchen-again the-theater-with-plenty-of-seats-for-bosh-wade-and-co (1) the-laundry-room winding-staircase (1) the-wine-cellar the-master-bathroom


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