Leonardo Di Caprio wants to rent is house out while his filming


The 7,022-square-foot main house was built in 1965 for Dinah Shore and is more expansive than most mid-century modern homes, with 6 bedrooms, 7.5 baths and multiple fireplaces. The grounds feature a guest house, pool and tennis court.for a fee of   $4,500 a night,

Leonardos-bar-5d46f9 Leonardos-bathroom3-8b7ead Leonardos-bathroom-ecf4ad Leonardos-bedroom-09ab6f Leonardos-den-f0aa68 Leonardos-den-f0aa68 Leonardos-dining-room2-0b6c34 Leonardos-dining-room-b8e6f7 Leonardos-foyer-5ce133 Leonardos-home2-ee76ac Leonardos-home3-8eded0 Leonardos-home4-0cda57 Leonardos-home-90a97b (1) Leonardos-home-90a97b Leonardos-kitchen-110449 Leonardos-living-room-4ad22e Leonardos-patio-ef345a Leonardos-tennis-court-12935c Leonardos-tennis-court-12935c Leonardos-yard2-3c1745 Leonardos-yard-3f7e15


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